Sharpen Your Motorcycle Skills

Florida Motorcycle TrainingFar too many motorcyclists take the required course to obtain their motorcycle permit and pas the test, then never see another training class or course again. It’s human nature for bad habits to creep in, and with out any instruction or tests they tend to get worse over time.

We’re not just saying this, studies conducted in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, and Germany show consistently that groups of riders who undergo regular training and then are followed up with skills assessments are involved in fewer accidents than riders who are not trained. Another benefit is that riders who undergo regular training are involved in less serious accidents when they are involved in a mishap.

You may have heard the phrase “go slow to go fast” and it’s 100% true. Slow cornering techniques, practicing a figure 8, and maneuvering slowly without stalling or putting down a foot are all designed to sharpen balance which is crucial to riding a two-wheeled vehicle. Like so many athletic endeavors, balance is the key.

One of the things almost every motorcyclist will say about their love for riding, is that they feel “one” with their bike. We agree, and our Florida Motorcycle Trainingtraining is designed to empower each rider to be in complete control of their bike in critical situations where decisions are made instantaneously about how to turn, what direction to turn, whether to “lay down” your bike, and how to avoid hazards. These are life-and-death decisions and skills that can be vastly improved with training by a competent and experienced instructor.

Florida Motorcycle Training

At Shiny Side Up Motorcycle Training, we offer a four hour class that is designed to prepare you for real-world situations you will experience on the road. We promise that your skills will be sharper, your confidence higher, and your ability to avoid accidents will be improved. Call us at 858 412 RIDE (7433) and let’s have a discussion about signing you up for our next class.

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