Motorcycle Safety Tips

While motorcycling is a rip-roaring hobby, it’s not without its safety risks. To ensure that you remain out of harm’s way, there are numerous motorcycle safety tips you should heed. Here are some ways you can maintain your safety while riding a motorcycle.

Don A Helmet

The only surefire way to safeguard against a head injury is to wear a helmet. For optimal protection, consider a helmet that comes with a face shield. Studies show that motorcyclists who forego helmets are five times more likely to sustain a severe injury. With that said, it’s in your best interest to don a helmet while on your motorcycle.

Be Seen

You don’t want to camouflage into the road. To increase your odds that drivers see you, wear bright colors. Though black leather jackets may look fashionable, you’re at a higher risk of getting clipped if you choose dark-colored clothing. Seasoned motorcyclists recommend wearing safety neon apparel.

Follow Traffic Rules

Motorcyclists are notorious for disregarding the rules of the road. However, you’re just as obligated to abide by the law as drivers are. Obey the speed limit, don’t cut people off, and use your blinkers.

Ride Defensively

While on a motorcycle, it’s wise to ride defensively. You should assume that every car you come into contact with can’t see you. By doing so, you’ll be extra cautious when riding behind, ahead, or next to other drivers. What’s more, you should always stay out of a driver’s blind spot. It may be exhilarating to zip around people at lightning speed, but this doesn’t bode well for your safety.

Don’t Ride While Tired

Being sleepy can tamper with your senses. When your hearing and sight are compromised, you increase your chances of getting into an accident. If you’re making a long-distance journey, stop and get off the bike every 50 to 75 minutes. Every rider has their own tolerance level, so be sure that you become familiar with yours.

Be Wary of Semi-Trailer Trucks

Your motorcycle doesn’t stand a chance against these beasts. If you encounter a semi-trailer truck while on the road, don’t get cocky. You’ll quickly realize that this a duel you won’t win. Though you may be eager to get by them, it’s important to take your time so that you don’t spin out of control.

By availing yourself of the above motorcycle safety tips, you can rest assured that you’ll remain safe on the road. For more information on the do’s and don’ts of motorcycle riding, subscribe to our blog content.