Motorcycle Accidents, Claims & The Expert Witness

A motorcycle expert witness is someone who first of all is exactly that, an expert based on knowledge, experience, specialized training and or certifications! Secondly, a witness in the sense of providing expert opinion on a subject matter in which their expertise has particular and meaningful insight into things like safety standards or operational care. Experts may be called upon in order to help clarify issues surrounding motorcycle use. Oftentimes, these expert witnesses are utilized in motorcycle insurance disputes or claims to provide their opinion.

Other Types of Expert Witnesses Used in Motorcycle Claims

Accident reconstruction experts can often do more than just offer their opinions. Using special technology, they provide evidence that shows what type of accident occurred. By examining a variety of factors like road conditions, traffic signals, highway design and more, they can provide an overview of what most likely occurred leading up to and during the crash.

Expert Witnesses may have special expertise in detecting defects in equipment or different parts of a motorcycle or use scientific method to determine things like speed or turning radius, etc. 

If there was some type of part failure, they can research if a part was defective and in fact malfunctioned.


It is always a good idea to keep up with your manufacturer and be aware of any recalls that have been issued. If there were any recalls on parts or the bike itself, this needs to be addressed and corrected as directed.

Motorcycle claims are often complicated and may involve more than one party when it comes to liability.

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