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No gloves, but otherwise she has the right idea!

Everyone has a budget. You had a budget when you bought your motorcycle, you have one when you go grocery shopping, and it’s really the only way to live within one’s means. But there is one area where you need to put one consideration ahead of your budget: Safety.  You may need to push your budget to the limit and possibly exceed it, when it comes to your motorcycle safety gear. An old adage says “Wear what you want to crash in, not what you want to ride in,” and that is true. Everyone has a level of style, but a great looking helmet doesn’t look good when it’s cracked.

If the best helmet you can find with the perfect blend of safety rating and style costs more than you can afford, eat ramen noodles for a couple weeks if you must, but do not buy a cheap, inferior helmet!

The 5 pieces of motorcycle safety gear you must have are:

Helmet: This protects your head which is pretty important. An analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank – American College of Surgeons showed that lower-extremity injuries were the most common injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes, followed by upper-extremity and head injuries. Lower-extremity injuries are more frequent in motorcycle crashes; however, head, chest and abdominal injuries tend to be more severe.

This is such a complex area, we are going to ask you to do research by visiting one of the following links:

Ask other bikers, read reviews online, and then make an educated decision.

Some advantages for wearing a helmet besides the obvious: It keeps bugs off your face, and it allows you to use bluetooth. Plus, they just look cool.

Leather Gloves: Your hands and fingers are precious. Protect them with heavy leather gloves. When a rider starts to go down, he or she will most likely extend a hand to cushion the fall. Think of your palms scraping along the asphalt and you will understand the need for good gloves.

Motorcycle Jacket and Pants: If you live in warm climate these may not be a priority but they should be. Excellent protection is available with clothing that has Kevlar panels. Once again, don’t scrimp on cost. Buy the best you can afford. Jackets and pants should have extra protection at the knees and elbows.

Motorcycle Boots: Boots should always be over-the-ankle and should be rigid to reduce the chance of foot and ankle injuries.

The best style is to arrive safely. If you have questions about a particular piece of safety gear and you would like some advice, give us a call! We love to help people stay safe. 858 412 RIDE (7433)