Ask a Motorcycle Training Expert: Getting Licensed

Get Licensed! Advice from a Motorcycle Training Expert

If riding a motorcycle is something you want to learn how to do, seeking a license is the best and safest option. Here’s how you get one, and it’s easier than you think.

Do the Research

Instead of asking your friend who rides to let you hop on his bike for a trial run, it is always a great idea to put some time aside to spend with a motorcycle training expert. This way, your first experience on a bike includes instruction in the proper way to handle a bike. While riding a motorcycle is similar to riding a bicycle, there are big differences and it is far more dangerous.

Out With the Old

Keep an open mind when you go to a training course. It’s important not to bring any old preconceived notions that you may have about riding motorcycles. This ensures you are teachable and ready to learn. Learning something new from a motorcycle training expert is guaranteed even if you are self-taught and have ridden many miles already. Being patient, listening well, and having sharp attention to detail and direction are essential to a successful and enjoyable training experience.

Come Ready to Learn from a Motorcycle Training Expert

No matter how experienced and skilled you are prior to enrolling in a training course, a motorcycle training expert will not grant you a certificate unless you have passed the required exams. Make sure to pay careful attention to the instructor’s directions at every opportunity during a course in both lecture and riding segments. Endangering yourself or others during your training could be detrimental to your progress in the course, so it is important to take special care during this learning process.


At the end of your training, you will have gained not only a certificate but more importantly, better understanding of what it means to be a safe and skilled rider with increased situational awareness.

Time to Get Your License

Now that your training is completed, you are ready to go to the DMV for the next steps in the process of becoming a licensed motorcyclist. If you received a training certificate from a state certified training class, bring it with you to the DMV.  If you did not attend a state certified class, you will be required to pass a skills test at the DMV. Your training instructor will have prepared you for this skills test and you should have the ability to easily pass the test.

Depending on the state, the requirements for licensing may be slightly different. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements in your state. If you have questions, ask DMV personnel or consult a motorcycle training expert in your state.